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How to Setup an Alert for Your Stimulus Check

Get notified as soon as your stimulus check has been deposited into your account.

Account Alerts Can Notify You When Your Coronavirus Check is Deposited

With each wave of the pandemic stimulus check, many account holders are accessing online banking more often than ever to see if their payment has arrived. It’s frustrating to keep checking your account without any sign of your payment. We have good news for you: There are a few easy ways to track you stimulus check without endlessly checking your account.

The IRS even has a tracker on their website for you find out when your payment will arrive. The tracker will give you information about your payment status, payment type and whether they may need more information from you to complete the process.

You can also set up an alert for your stimulus check in our online banking system. This allows you to choose the type of alert you will receive the moment your payment is in your account. Follow these easy steps:

  • Login to Online Banking and select (1) Services and then (2) Alerts from the menu, then choose (3) Select History Alert from the 'New Alert' drop-down list.
Account Alert Setup
  • Select your account you used for your 2019 (or 2018, if you haven't yet filed) federal tax return payment or deposit, highlight (4) Transaction, and then select (5) Description.
Account Alert Setup Step 2
  • Enter the term (6) "IRS" in the description field.
Account Alert Setup Step 3
  • Choose the (7) Delivery Method you wish to receive the alert. You can receive a secure message, phone call, email or text message. The information needed to complete the message will pop up.
    Note: The (8) frequency setting of Every Occurrence can be selected or not, based on your preference. Deselecting this option means you will receive this alert only the first time this type of transaction is presented.
Account Alert Setup Step 4
  • Click (9) Save.

Now you no longer need to continuously check-in on your stimulus check. As soon as it is deposited, you will receive an alert in the method you chose.


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